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Miami Book Festival

I Belong Here: Identity as Power
Saturday, November 23 , 4 p.m. / MAGIC Screening Room (Bldg. 8, 1st Floor)
How we navigate how others see us, and how that causes us to see ourselves are a key part of finding our path in life. Maia Kobabe (Gender Queer), Mira Jacob (Good Talk) and Vita Ayala (The Wilds), explore how the standards of “normality” manipulate perceptions of gender, race, and cultural heritage, and how they’re breaking those standards down. Moderated by author/illustrator Kristen Radtke (Imagine Wanting Only This).

The Memory Hole: Your Life in Pictures
Sunday, November 24 , 1 p.m. / MAGIC Screening Room (Bldg. 8, 1st Floor)

Our memories are our most cherished, painful and deceitful possessions – diving back into them means facing realities we’re not always ready for. Cecil Castellucci (Girl on Film), Kevin Huizenga (The River at Night), Brian Fies (A Fire Story), and David Heatley (Qualification), talk about memories, both real and imagined, and discuss how time always provides a new way to process our past. Moderated by author/illustrator Kristen Radtke (Imagine Wanting Only This)

 Testify! Drawing Ourselves Whole 
Sunday, November 24 , 4 p.m. / MAGIC Screening Room (Bldg. 8, 1st Floor)

Creation is a force that can make sense of the parts of our life where we are victimized or erased. Join Diane Noomin (Drawing Power), Kat Verhoeven (Meat and Bone), and Erin Williams (Commute), as they discuss how their newest books tell women’s stories of abuse, self-loathing, and need for connection, and find surprisingly uplifting ways to move forward. Moderated by author/illustrator Kristen Radtke (Imagine Wanting Only This). 

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to Mar 10

AWP Conference in Tampa, FL

Graphic Women: The Evolution of Literary Comics (Kristen Radtke, Danica Novgorodoff, Mira Jacob, Amy Kurzweil) 

This is Not a Memoir: Thoughts on the Linked Essay Collection (Sarah Viren, Angela Morales, Kristen Radtke, Ryan Van Meter, Elissa Washuta) 

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